Most historical sources indicate that the ice cream first appeared in China, where the king of the Tang Dynasty (618-697 AD) from the Shang city had a special way to create a mixture of ice and milk. From China this technique came to India, to the Persian culture and then to Greece and Rome. However, thanks to Italy during the late Middle Ages, the ice cream became popular throughout all Europe.

If you want to try the best ice cream in Italy, then you will need to go to Florence. Florence is the capital of the ice cream, not only in Italy but also in Europe for various historical reasons. The ice cream of local production is known from the Renaissance time (XVI century).

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At that time chef Ruggeri lived in Florence. He participated in the competition of the best chefs in Tuscany that was organized by the court of the Medici family under the slogan “the most special dish we have ever seen”. Ruggeri prepared “the frozen dessert” which impressed the judges of the competition and after that the chef and his recipe immediately became very famous throughout the Italian region.

Then, The Queen Catherine de Medici took Ruggeri with her during her trip to France as she thought that only he would be able to humiliate the French pedants and show them the amazing Italian cuisine. On arriving in the French city Marseille, during a banquet Ruggeri introduced to the French nobles his famous ice cream, the recipe of which was “a sweet sugar and ice” (a primitive ice cream).

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This happened in 1533, and since then the chef Ruggeri became a well-known pastry chef and could stretch his imagination, creating new forms and flavors of ice cream. But this led to the fact that the Florentine chefs began to hate Ruggeri for his discovery and success, so one day he decided to write his famous, but secret recipe and send it to the Queen Catherine, along with the his farewell message. He said he decided to return to his previous work and thus, would abandon all the success that was affecting his life. From that moment, all the cooks and pastry chefs of the court of Catherine de Medici could distribute the ice cream recipe in Italy and France.

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