To avoid the headache of the trip, we suggest you become familiar with some important modern appliances that will facilitate your life and help you avoid those unpleasant moments, like lost luggage, bad WiFi and endless queues at airports.

Professions that require frequent travel are not suitable for all audiences. Long wait at airports around the world, spending the night in different hotels, and always dine and eat outside, this can lead to stress, fatigue and moodiness of many. Fortunately, new technologies can help cope with these problems, provided you have the right tools.


To make your business trip more comfortable and enjoyable in the new 2016, we gathered in this article four basic equipment that you must have in your arsenal.

Laptop Batteries

Perhaps one of the most obvious tools when you travel a lot. Desperation, which could start with little battery of your phone or laptop, can be resolved by using this accessory reduced in size yet of great use. With a laptop battery you can charge also your smartphones, tablets, portable media players, electronic books and in some cases, another laptop battery. Some of the best solutions offer brands such as EasyAcc or Veho.

Locator of luggage

The main concern of any traveler is the loss of baggage, especially during business trips. Do not get your luggage, can cause a huge damage to your time and your trip. Consequently, the importance of this invention, which allows us to locate each of their belongings while traveling, is enormous. This application is called Trakdot. By using this application you can always know where your baggage.

Portable Wi-Fi adapter

WiFi in airports and other public places will require in most cases, a payment before you can get a decent connection. And, sometimes not even that. This problem can be solved if you have your own wireless adapter to access the Internet from any of your mobile devices. The market supply is varied in price and types, although some well-known brands, you can select the adapter Huawei e5776 or adapter 3G / 4G TP-Link.


Portable bank data My Cloud

For some experts, the storage of personal data in My Cloud has some drawbacks. For example, a certain lack of confidence in their safety or dependence on a good internet connection. But, at the same time it can be a problem when you need immediate access to one of these files, which have a high degree of confidentiality. The storage device such as Western Digital My Cloud allows you to have your documents at any time, and also has a memory for multimedia files of 3TB.

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