Walking on the streets of the Spanish city of Cordoba, it seems like moving from a one historical period to another. This city of Andalusia has a unique collection of the most interesting monuments of different cultures. Its historical center is included on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. It is absolutely worth visiting this unique city in sunny Spain and discover its treasures.

Besides the famous Mosque of Cordoba, here are located other notable monuments of architecture and world art. For example, the walls of the city of Cordoba have a long history, as the city itself. Romans, Arabs and Christians, protected the city from possible invasions. However, from the mid-nineteenth century, the city wall has lost its utility as a military construction and as custom (to collect taxes on goods entering the city). From that moment, the walls and the gates began to gradually deteriorate.


For centuries, different folks and cultures that have passed through Cordoba left in the streets their monumental heritage of incredible value. If you travel to southern Spain, make sure that you visit this wonderful city. The city of Andalusia that caused surprise and admiration throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, and when you see its treasures and impressive heritage, you will immediately understand why.

In Cordoba, the absolute highlight is the Grand Mosque. It is considered the most important Islamic monument located in the west, and this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting works of architectural art in the world.

Nevertheless, apart from the mosque in this Andalusian city there are other magnificent buildings. A leisurely stroll through the old town will let you see many architectural works such as the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, with its beautiful gardens, Moorish baths and splendid mosaic room where a fabulous collection of Roman mosaics that were found in the Plaza de la Corredera are exposed. Approach the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter and enjoy the beautiful Synagogue and its exterior design. Also worth visiting the archaeological site of Medina Azahara, the patios at Viana Palace, the Posada del Potro, mentioned in the “Don Quixote”, the Monastery de la Merced in the Baroque style, the tower of Calahorra, and more.


The list of monuments is long, so we recommend you go to any of the tourist offices in Cordoba, for not missing anything interesting. In addition, you have the opportunity to know Cordoba from another perspective thanks to several attractive excursions.

Spain is a country where you can enjoy art and culture, and your trip will be unforgettable. Cordoba is a mandatory city to visit in Spain, get ready to spend your vacation like in a fairy tale!

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