Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees, is well known as one of the most suitable for skiing, snowboarding and all winter sports places. However, this is not all that this country offers its visitors. Here you can see the incredible scenery of mountain peaks, the mountain villages that are still intact, ancient churches from the times of the Roman conquerors, restaurants with excellent cuisine, many adventure activities and a chance to relax in the largest spa of Europe. In this article, we offer you five options for your holidays in Andorra to entertain, even if you are not practice skiing.

Take note of these five ideas to enjoy Andorra in the winter, not just skiing.


  1. Enjoy some of the most beautiful mountain scenery of Europe

Nature is highly important to understand Andorra. It is surrounded by mountains and only on a few kilometers are situated the valleys, mountains, rivers and mountain hills covered with snow, not only in winter, but in almost any season. For photography lovers, it is a true paradise to drive a car and take a walk, to grasp and feel this picturesque background. Visit places like Pic de Casamanya, the Coll d’Ordino Arcalis or the Rabassa forest.

  1. Take a ride on a dog sled

A ride on a dog sled in Andorra will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. In the village of Pal-Arinsal and la Pas de la Casa, there are groomed trails to experience the unforgettable emotions and some northern breeds of dogs that can help you fully master the snowy trails. Full synchronization with nature is guaranteed.mushing-andorra-incentive

  1. Feel the adrenaline of driving a snowmobile

Speed of a snowmobile driven by the mountain trails in the Pyrenees, will definitely make your heart beat faster. The feeling of adrenaline and release the power of this car, created for snow, is one of the most fun and unusual way to enjoy winter in Andorra.

  1. Relax in the spa center, La Caldea

After a day in the snow with skis or not, looking for the best views of the Pyrenees and reaching your accommodation, also comes the winter night, and therefore, time for rest and relaxation. The most suitable for this purpose is undoubtedly the famous resort La Caldea, which offers its visitors to spend time in the hot springs while enjoying the beautiful views of Andorra. Bathing in hot springs, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam bath – is the best that can be done when the thermometer shows that the temperature outside is below zero.caldea-andorra

  1. Make a route of Romanesque churches

One of the reasons for a trip to Andorra at any time of year can be a visit to the amazing Romanesque churches that are located in the valleys of the country. The peculiarity of this Romanesque heritage in the Pyrenees is that their long needles and small holes instead of windows let light go inside only at certain times. Stop to watch and admire these churches with dark walls and simple furnishings.

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