Do you know where the island of Madagascar is? Generally it is known very little about this isolated country, and therefore, it would be very interesting to visit and see its beauty with your own eyes. Many travelers admit that after visiting Madagascar, it becomes one of their favorite countries. If you also question why, here we offer you several answers. You decide which one you prefer the best.

If you ever thought of visiting an exotic, distant and cheap country, which is full of exotic animals, plants and unique geological formations, Madagascar may be what you are looking for. We will tell you some details about this particular island.

  1. Lemurs and chameleons

Lemurs are cute primates that are developmentally situated halfway between the middle chimpanzees and squirrels. These animals often have bulging eyes, a long tail, and great agility to jump from tree to tree, which is the natural environment of their habitat.

Unfortunately, these animals, endemic to Madagascar, are in danger of extinction due to deforestation in the country. However, you can still see a lot of these special species such as lemur sportif, that lives in the trunks of the trees; lemur “golden crown” with white hair and red eyes, or a nocturnal mythical specie aye-aye, which is very difficult to see.

It is possible that in Madagascar you can see the largest number of species of chameleon than elsewhere. Wherever you go, you will find them. Notice how they can change the color of their skin in a few seconds. Chameleons can have more than half a meter in length, although in some parts of Madagascar these endemic species of reptiles hardly exceed a length of 2 cm.

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  1. Baobabs

Madagascar separated from mainland of Africa millions of years ago, and therefore the evolution of flora had its particular way. That’s why there are so many unique plants that can only be seen on this island.

Baobab is one of these species. This tree is oddly shaped and has an enormous width. Besides, it can have thousands of years. Best of all is to see it once to get a clear idea of their appearance. You can see them in Madagascar and Mayotte, although there are some species found on mainland of Africa and Australia.

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  1. Isolated villages

Madagascar is a huge country (twice the size of France) that still has many remote and isolated areas, which remain largely intact. In some areas they do not even have roads to continue the journey, so be aware of it in advance. Of course, in these cities and towns there is no Internet connection. However, this trip can be an unforgettable experience for you. The state of the roads in the northeast of the island is rather bad, but the scenery is stunning.


  1. Idyllic beaches

Yes, we know there are beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, in Indonesia, in the Pacific and in many other parts of the world. But we’re sure you have never seen such beautiful and unspoilt beaches as there are on the northeast coast of Madagascar. This region is so isolated, so that here kilometers of unbelievable white sand beaches and coconut palms remain untouched. And without a single hotel on the beach!

  1. Travel on the trade boat

In remote areas of Madagascar sometimes there is no choice but to go to the port and look for a merchant ship to reach the next destination. This trip will let you feel Madagascar in its pure essence!

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