The Principality of Liechtenstein is located in Central Europe in the Rhine valley and is surrounded by the Alps. The country has no access to the sea and it is one of the smallest in the world. It has borders with Switzerland and Austria in the west and east. Its highest peak is Mount Grauspitz with the height of 2,599 m. Liechtenstein is very well prepared for winter sports, but despite the fact that it is a very mountainous country, the climate is quite moderate. In addition to its ski slopes and beautiful vineyards, Liechtenstein is known worldwide for being a tax haven.

The nearest airport is in Zurich, 130 km from Vaduz. The way between the two cities can be overcome by train, bus or car (there is a highway).

Picturesque landscape of Liechtenstein. Find cheap rooms in Liechtenstein.

What can you see during your trip to Liechtenstein? The capital of Liechtenstein is a beautiful city of Vaduz. In Vaduz, you can visit the Museum of Stamps, the National Library, the Ski Museum and the National Museum. There is a special museum, in particular, Liechtenstein Art Museum, which contains contemporary artwork of the former National Museum of Art and treasures collected by the Prince including works by Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Dyck.

In addition, you can taste the local wines in the Cellars of the Prince. Pay attention to a special sightseeing train that runs around the city (City Train). It will take you to the main attractions so you won´t miss anything.

Apart from the capital city, you can visit cities like Walser and its City Museum and the Museum Walser; Shahan, where the Roman theater and ruins of the Shaan dynasty are located, as well as the chapel of Santa Maria, the Historical Museum and Gallery.

Gutenberg Castle and the chapel of San Pedro are located in the town of Balzers. In Triesen, meanwhile, it is essential to visit the chapel of San Mamerten and of St. Mary as well as the old town. In Planken you can´t miss the Chapel of San José.

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In Malbun (1,600 m) you can practice many winter sports, which has four lifts and a natural ice rink.

Besides, Steg (1,300 m) offers three ski areas equipped for their use at night, there are also services of sleigh rides and a ski lift.

In summer the ski tracks can be used for hiking, trekking and cycling, as there are some 96 km of cycle paths on both sides of the Rhine river, mountain trails and there is no need to bring bikes with you as you can rent them.

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