Gracia is one of the most famous and visited neighborhoods in Barcelona. Previously, it was an independent town with its own town hall, cultural center and customs. Now it is a lively touristic center, where creative people and numerous artists prefer to reside.

During the urbanization of the ancient settlement of Gracia many beautiful and original places appeared and they became a meeting place for local residents and new inhabitants. Places that bring fun and social life to the neighborhood of Gracia, and to Barcelona itself. Sunny and shady places, meeting and exchange points. Colorful spaces that appear suddenly on the narrow streets of the neighborhood. Here we list some of these beautiful places, so you can feel their special atmosphere and ambience.

The most « literary » area is, of course,  Plaza del Diamante, which gives its name to the famous novel by the Catalan writer, Mercè Rodoreda. In addition, this area had an important historical significance as bomb shelters, constructed during the Spanish Civil War, are located here. Therefore, a visit to this area will be interesting from many points of view.

Gracia district. Rent a room in the center of Barcelona.

Gracia squares represent the most significant places in the district and throughout Barcelona. For example, in the southern part, the area of the square Raspall and Poble Romaní combine traditional Gypsy communities in the area. Rius i Taulet square, where the town hall of the district is located, is also known for the magnificent bell tower that rises in the center of the square. Nearby there is Plaza del Sol. It is a favorite center for local people with numerous bars and lively cafes where the youth is used to spending its time.

Gracia has always been a very revolutionary zone, and still it retains its fighting spirit. So it is not surprising that here you can find places like Plaza de la Revolución  built on the occasion of the revolution of 1868, known as La Gloriosa, which resulted in the formation of the first temporary national government after the fall of the reign of  Isabella II. This area has great historical value because there is still a section of the bomb shelter that was built during the Civil War. Definitely, it is a very interesting place to visit.

If you want to visit more peaceful places, then you can go to Plaza del Nord and Rovira Trias; On the latter, the architect himself, in honor of whom the square is named, is waiting for you on a bench … in the form of a sculpture.

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