Located close to La Pedriza, with romantic views of the Embalse de Santillana and the mountain range of Sierra de Guadarrama, discover one of the best preserved medieval castles and fortresses in Spain, Mendoza Castle of Manzanares el Real. Walking through its corridors and rooms, as well as participating in the theatrical performances, you will feel in a colorful medieval time.

Known as the « Castle of Mendoza » or « New Castle of Manzanares el Real », this fortress and palace was built in the fifteenth century. It is located on a hill in the town of Manzanares el Real, in the heart of the mountains near Madrid. Undoubtedly, this is a magical place where you will be transported to a completely different era, thanks in part to good conditions and improvements that have been made here.

The house-fortress was built in honor of Santa Maria de la Nava in the Gothic style of the times of the reign of Queen Elizabeth in 1475, thanks to Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. Its architect was Juan Guas, the architect of the Catholic Kings of Spain.



This castle is an important example of Spanish military architecture of the fifteenth century. Although it was originally designed as a defensive fortress, quickly it became a residential palace where the Mendoza’s family lived. Throughout its history, the castle was rebuilt several times and in 2005 its ownership was transferred to the municipality of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, which currently manages it and performs here the necessary restoration. Besides, it were opened an interpretation center and a new audiovisual hall where visitors can interactively learn the interesting history of the castle. In addition, permanent exhibition halls were expanded and the art collections have been restored. Its latest addition is a Renaissance garden built in 2013.

Every weekend there are theatrical performances with participation of actors dressed in clothes of the seventeenth century, who will greet you on arrival at the castle, and will accompany you during your visit.

In addition, in the Castle of Manzanares el Real are held numerous public and institutional events, and it can be rented completely or only its halls for major events. Throughout the year are held here several events: exhibitions, concerts, light and sound show, medieval markets, etc., in order to offer both locals and tourists who visit the castle a wide range of cultural tourism.

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