The eternal city of Rome has lots of interesting stories and mysterious legends that fill the streets of this beautiful city. In addition, each cathedral and monument keeps amazing details that are unnoticed by most visitors. In this article we will tell you about some of the most exciting places, so you can pay attention to them during your next visit to Rome, and therefore, enjoy even more your trip to this wonderful Italian open air museum.

One of the architectural treasures of Rome is the St. Peter’s Cathedral. This is the largest cathedral in the world. It stands in the place where, according to the legend, the apostle Peter was buried. At the entrance, look at those stars in the marble floor right in the middle of the corridor which passes through the central nave. These stars represent the length of the various Catholic churches in the world.

Each time the Pope organizes and carries out public works in the city, he leaves his emblem. Therefore, you can see the emblems scattered throughout the city on thousands of monuments and sites, as well as on conventional buildings, on the sewage system, or even on the statues. Pay attention and don’t lose these special characters.

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Note that there is always three mandatory elements of the logo, i.e. the Tiara (Pope hat), the papal stole and two crossed keys (a gold and silver one). Below these elements, all the Popes, even today, put the different symbols chosen by them, so that every Pope can complete his personal « stamp ».

It is known that earlier the emblems were also used by noble families. For example, on the columns of St. Peter’s Cathedral you can see the emblem of the Barberini family – three bees that symbolize the family, diligence and skill.
In most of the temples of the city you can see  various « seals » of Popes.

Behind the impressive palace of Palazzo Farnese, on the Via Giulia there is a church of Santa Maria del Orazioni e Morte – the church of « Prayer and Death ». On its facade you will see winged skulls, an hourglass with wings symbolizing the famous phrase « Tempus fugit » (« Time flies ») or another phrase: « About the poor who died on the field. »

However, it is not easy to visit this magnificent chapel dedicated to the nameless victims and decorated with lots of skulls and bones. But if you manage to find the church open on one of the days of the ceremonies, it will be a real miracle.

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Another famous legend of Rome is the legend of the rivalry between two great architects, Jan Lorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini, thanks to which the city can boast a rich heritage in the Baroque style. You will be able to learn more about the architectural competition of these two geniuses after visiting the Piazza Navona with its magnificent Fountain of the Rivers.

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