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What is Endeus?


Endeus is a search engine where you can select your ideal vacation rentals.

We have combined the most renowned reservation systems from around the world to bring you 8,594,872 options for short-term rentals in 190 countries.  In just a few seconds Endeus search system finds the best offers from dozens of different sites.

What types of accommodation can I find on Endeus?


Endeus offers the widest choice of accommodation for short-term rentals all around the world. If you want to stay in a hotel, an apartment, a castle, a bungalow, a villa, a studio or a floating house you will find them all on Endeus at the best possible prices.

How does the Endeus search engine work?


Simply enter the desired destination and the travel dates into the search box and you will get the search results from our partners on one page.

Our convenient filter system will help you to choose the accommodation which exactly suits your preferences.

Do you want to bring your pet with you or be closer to the beach? Once you have made your choice check all of the details on the page of the selected accommodation, then you will be redirected to our partner’s website to complete the booking.

Do I have to pay to use Endeus?


No, our services are absolutely free for you to use.

Will I receive a confirmation of the reservation from Endeus?


You will receive a confirmation from our partner after you have completed the booking. Once you have been redirected to our partner’s website we do not get involved in the booking process.

If you do not receive a confirmation please contact our partner directly. You can find contact information on the main page of our website by clicking on their logo

Can I make changes or cancel my reservation with Endeus?


If you need to change or cancel the reservation you need to contact our partner directly.

You will not be able to introduce any changes to your reservation on the Endeus website.

What if I have problems with my booking during my trip?


For any questions regarding your booking you should contact our partner directly where their support team will provide you with prompt assistance and resolve any issues or answer any questions.

What if the price on Endeus is different from the price on our partner’s website?


If you spot a difference in price then please note that the price on the partner’s website is considered to be the correct one.

We try to provide the most accurate information about prices and we work constantly to improve the quality of the information we provide.

If you see any discrepancies then please contact us by mail on

Can I book accommodation directly from Endeus?


Because our site does not offer its own accommodation base you cannot make a booking directly on our website.

Instead you can use our search engine to find a wide choice of holiday rentals provided by our partners.

After you select the appropriate option you will be redirected to our partner’s website to complete the booking.

Can I add my property to the Endeus website?


Endeus does not place private listings on the website. To be included in our database you can register your house on one of our partner’s websites.

After this has been confirmed then your accommodation will automatically appear in our search results and become available to our users.

Here you will find our partner’s links with all of the necessary information:

Can Endeus give me a personal recommendation?


Endeus is a system that has been created to search and compare holiday rentals which have been collected from booking sites around the world.

With the help of our convenient filter system you can easily find the best housing to suit your preferences.

If you have any additional questions about your chosen accommodation then please directly contact our partner.

What happens if I see a mistake on Endeus website?


We do our very best to prevent this from happening! But if you see a mistake we would be grateful if you could tell us. Please give your feedback on

How can I contact the team at Endeus?


We are happy to receive any comments, suggestions, opinions or questions you may have. Please send your message with the details to

What do I do if I have a business proposal for Endeus?


If you want to be our partner or would like to discuss a business proposal then please contact us by email on

If your query is advertising or marketing related then please email

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