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Introduction to Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and is the largest in the country.  It is one of the major economic centres in the continent and has a huge growing financial sector.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world and it spans along the length of the river Tejo. It then rises into the city’s steep roads to the heart of the city centre. In the centre the cultural changes are clearly seen, ranging from elegant squares to more cramped districts.

It is built on hilly ground and has a port which makes it a thriving city. Its placid weather brings tourists to the city all year round, as temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees.

What to do/see in Lisbon

In Lisbon you could find yourself at the foot of The Castelo de S Jorge (which is a national UNESCO monument) or visit the Torre de Belem. This is a medieval tower with turret carvings immortalising images of a rhinoceros, which is the motif for the tower. It is surrounded by water and is called the ’tragic shipwreck tower’ by locals.

As the city is built on seven hills there is the Santa Justa Lift, whose Industrial Age engineering helps you to travel around. On the upper terminal you have stunning views over Rossio Square and can see the other six hills.

After an earthquake Lisbon city was destroyed bar one building.  The Carmo Convent Ruins are still standing in the middle of the city, and are well worth a visit to see the gigantic arches which defied the deadly quake.

Or for something a bit more modern visit Estufa Fria’s botanical gardens (which are free on Sundays) to see hot and cold plant houses and view terrific sculptures.

For more indoor activities you can visit The Pharmacy Museum, which houses over five thousand years of historical medical information and equipment. The National Coach Museum nearby has over 40 minutes worth of viewing Royal ceremonial carriages. The vehicles transport you to historical times, where you can imagine being in a city full of horse drawn carts.

Where to stay in Lisbon

With the lights of Lisbon being such a tourist draw it would be a shame not to stay in unique accommodation too.

What better than the Teatro B&B where you can wake up to lavish vintage schemata in each of the rooms.  With its smallish bedrooms please consider the volume of your luggage but its décor really wins you over.  It is one of those beach city rentals to put at the top of your list.

If you are looking for 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments for rent Endeus has a wide variety of vacation rentals in the city to peruse.

The Lisbon Destination Hostel is in an old disused railway station and offers a top-notch hostel experience. With hammocks, chill out areas and house plants giving it a luxurious yet homely feel it really could be the best budget accommodation around.


• Did you know Lisbon rests on seven hills? Well it does, so please don’t think about bringing those beautiful high heels to wear around the town as you will need some comfortable footwear to navigate the city. The same goes for carrying heavy items around the city, think about the necessity of doing this beforehand.

• Like any other major city there are certain areas that are more expensive than others. For a cheaper night out check out Barrio Alto, where you will find cheaper dinner prices with cocktails and still be able to check out some live music.

• While trams are seen as old fashioned this city still has a working tram which goes right through the heart of Lisbon.  The number 28 tram can be used when you purchase a travel card for around 5-6 euros. This is also a great way to see the city if your feet are weary and you don’t want to walk up those hills.

• When going for dinner please note that locals tend to eat much earlier than in other European cities. Many restaurants tend to close a lot earlier. Don’t be surprised if they start to close around 21.30 or 22.00.

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