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Introduction to Venice

Venice, the romantic city built on a lagoon, is the perfect holiday destination for travellers seeking astonishing landscapes and historical remains.
You can walk by the Venice canals and see yourself reflected on its coloured waters, surrounded by palaces and lovely buildings. This double image effect is so magical that it will stick in your mind. And it will also look beautiful in your photos.

Even if you’re an experienced adventurer you’ll probably get lost in Venice’s labyrinthine network of canals, islands, bridges and pedestrian lanes. It’s part of the magic of the city. You can wander the streets from a piazza to a museum, exploring every corner and discovering wonderful markets or terraces. The combination of art influences, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Italian, creates an environment of charm and grace that few cities can offer.

What to do in Venice

Do you want to enjoy the best part of the artful lifestyle that surrounds Venice? Then navigate the canals and contemplate the palaces, cathedrals, and galleries from a different perspective.
After navigating the Venice canals, there are a few must-visit spots that you cannot miss. The Basilica di San Marco, with astonishing domes and unforgettable mosaics, is the most visited place in Venice. Although some people prefer the beauty of the Palazzo Ducale, a gothic building with a geometrically patterned façade, or the Gallerie dell’Academia, a collection of Venetian art that exhibits works by Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto and other famous artists.

One of the most famous attractions is the Carnival of Venice, an annual festival where the whole city is masked. The peculiar craftsmanship involved in the making of the masks is one of the reasons for its popularity. These masks are pieces of artwork, made with feathers and gems, with beautiful colours and ornamental details.

If you’re looking for something different, other alternative Venice attractions that we love at Endeus are local markets and quiet lagoon islands far from the crowds. Buy fresh seafood, meat and seasonal vegetables like a local in the Rialto market and take a ferry to Torcello, an island full of coloured houses, or Murano, where you’ll see craftsmen working on beautiful pieces of glass.

Where to stay in Venice

Did you ever imagine staying in a holiday apartment in Venice right next to the edge of a canal? You can find it in Endeus! Choose the best area for you and we’ll provide a large list of accommodations for you.
Some people like the chaos and lively streets of the center of the Venice, but others prefer to rent an apartment on the outskirts to enjoy the peace and quiet. In Endeus you’ll find both options, we adapt to your preferences.
If you’re looking for unique apartments in Venice islands like Murano, Torcello or Lido you can choose from a lot of charming houses for rent. You can find the best location and the best price for your holiday rentals in Endeus.


• Venice takes your breath away, literally in some places. Please remember that this city is surrounded mostly by water so certain areas might not have the best of aromas.  However, being a water-based city, it would be foolish not to get a ferry ticket to travel around. Tickets often cost between 6-7 euros for an hour journey. Please don’t forget to get this before boarding otherwise fines are issued.

• The architecture is stunning and the tall buildings are exquisite, but please note that this also means that sometimes GPS maps (and mobile phone signals) are lower than normal and sometimes don’t work at all. Please ensure you have a map or a guide so that you don’t get lost.

• People often fondly refer to St Mark Square as the ‘bird square’ because it is full of birds! Pigeons flock here in their hundreds as it is an open square so please don’t go to this square if you have a fear of birds!

• Finally, when you are wining and dining the evenings away do make sure you are tipping correctly. Most reputable establishments charge 10% (this is the normal amount and you should not feel you need to tip more than this) but some more sneaky places increase this and leave you a bit shocked with the bill amount, so check carefully.

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