The Akershus Fortress (in Norwegian: Akershus festning) is a complex of military buildings situated in the port of the Norwegian capital Oslo. It was built in the Middle Ages as a royal castle, which also served as the venue for representatives of the king. In the seventeenth century, the castle was modified in the Renaissance style and it was surrounded by a fortress with several towers. The complex, which is over 700 years old, experienced several sieges, but it was never conquered by the forces of a foreign army. Currently, it is used to host a school of officials and to accommodate guests of the Norwegian royal family. A part of the castle has been used for some time as a prison and for forced works of prisoners in the nineteenth century.

The fort takes its name from the Aker farm that owned the land on which was built the medieval castle. The name of the word consists of two parts: Akr (cultivated field) and hud (house, castle). The military fortifications gave the name of the province of Akershus, although they are situated out of it.


However, the fortress still performs military functions, and the security guard is part of the Guard of His Majesty the King (Norwegian Royal Guard). In addition, here are based the Norwegian Defense Museum, the Museum of the Resistance and the Ministry of Defense and Environment of Norway.

Located in the port of Oslo, Akershus fortress and castle is a masterpiece of medieval military art. It is a complex of buildings dating from the 1300s, when it was built as the Royal Castle. In the late nineteenth century, Akershus fortress has been considered as part of the historical heritage of the country, and thus from that moment onwards began a period of evaluation and reconstruction of the building.


Although today little remains of the medieval castle, which was used by the Norwegian royal family, yet some buildings of stone and brick ancient are well preserved. In addition, during the Renaissance some walls of the bastion around the medieval castle were built. All this you can learn and see the exhibits in the Museum of the Resistance, which provides a historical view of the occupation of Norway, which took place during World War II.

The Akershus fortress now used as a venue for official royal ceremonies, besides being an attractive tourist monument in the Norwegian capital.

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