The city of Warsaw appeared relatively late compared to other cities in Poland. Historical information about the small settlements in the area with the name Varsovia was recorded in the middle of the thirteenth century, and it referred to the place where today the Royal Palace is located.

In 1413, the city became the capital of the Duchy of Mazovia. It was a start of the construction of the wall and the period of expansion of the city to the north, where new residents settled. In 1526, the principality of Mazovia was annexed to the Kingdom of Poland and in 1595, King Sigismund III moved the royal court from Krakow to Warsaw. Thus, the city became the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Confederation created in 1569 by the Decree of Ljubljana and thus, a period of prosperity began.

In the seventeenth century, the city continues its geographic expansion, and the Polish nobles began to settle here, who also built their homes and mansions in Warsaw to be closer to the royal court.

Warsaw City view. Check rooms for rent in the center of the city.

The Old Town (Stare Miasto) in Warsaw is one of the most beautiful places of the capital. It was created in the late thirteenth century around the beautiful royal castle, which was the residence of the Dukes of Mazovia, and during the Second World War, it was completely destroyed by the Nazis, as well as much of the city. Later, the palace was rebuilt to the smallest details allowing it to be included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Initially, the New Town (Nowe Miasto) used to be called the New Warsaw, as this area began to develop in the fourteenth century in the space between the Old Town and the city of Zakroczym Wisla, which remained independent from Warsaw until the century XVIII. The Nowe Miasto is currently one of the most popular areas of Warsaw.

It is also worth visiting the area called the Prague neighborhood. Although it is not a common tourist destination, it is the most „authentic“ part of the city, where the buildings of the era before the Second World War are still preserved. This will be a real incursion into the history of Europe.

Warsaw beautiful arquitecture. Book holiday apartments in Warsaw.

The Wilanow Palace was built in the Baroque style in the seventeenth century by the architect Augustyn Locci by the charge of King Jan III Sobieski. It was a royal summer residence and, therefore, here you can feel a real luxury and wealth. Visitors can stroll through the surrounding gardens and visit the palace only within a guided tour.

Thus, thanks to its rich and diverse history, Poland’s capital, Warsaw, offers tourists many monuments and places to visit.

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