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What is Endeus?

Endeus is a search engine for holiday rentals that combines a huge variety of different offers from many booking websites and has been created by a team of professionals united by their love of travelling.

The Endeus project was born in 2013 in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Being advanced travellers, we realised the value and simplicity of travel, so we set ourselves the goal to give the opportunity of the similar unique experience to all our visitors!

Each corner of our planet is unique and your home is also a reflection of the atmosphere which keeps this place. From this knowledge our idea was born to enable travellers the opportunity to find a huge variety of different types of accommodation apart from ordinary hotels. Our portfolio ranges from designer suites to boat cottages and bungalows!

Why Endeus was created?

We understand how important it is for the modern traveller to organise everything quickly, reliably and qualitatively. Time is so valuable today and no one wants to waste it, that’s why we created a single search system to source holiday accommodation from all over the world. Now our travellers do not have to look through offers on dozens of sites for short-term rentals for their trip. They simply need to open Endeus. com and find everything they need in one place.

We are constantly working on improving our system to continue to find you more options for diverse types of accommodation from everywhere on the planet. On our site you can find both economical and luxurious offers and, moreover, compare prices for the same accommodation from all possible reservation systems.

We want to show everyone how easy and simple it is to go on a trip nowadays, making it one of the most memorable times of your life!

Mission of Endeus

Our mission is to help people to have unique amazing experiences while staying in any city of the world. We invite anyone who is craving discovery to join our movement of free, simple and unforgettable travel.

“Life during the journey – a dream in its purest form” – Agatha Christie said. We want everyone to experience the joy of discovery in all corners of the planet. After all, this is perhaps the only thing you buy that actually makes you richer.

Endeus is a world for independent travellers!

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